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Over what is many years now, I have been anticipating the very events that are now unfolding & accelerating in the fashion that Mark & the Neothink Society promised & have thereby constructed. During those years there have been times when I understood that if I had nothing else, I at least had Neothink. This honestly seemed a small consolation at times, as I have spent since 1990-Jul’10 in isolation from my Neothink family, many of whom may be wondering how come they come to see so much of my name of late. Since the Prime Law was first introduced to me in ’90, I have been aware that without it, we teternal beings simply have little to exist for, while in contrast, we have all infinity to live for with it. We have life vs. death in the balance. As I look into my mirror, my children’s eyes, those of my loved one Dawn, and those of my parents, siblings & my family around, I know one only thing about my life. That is that everything about & in me leads to, and from, Neothink & the Global TVP. There is simply no way I can change my direction on this; it is who I am, whom I have become, thanks to the love & love-of-life flowing so endlessly from Mark & the NT manuscripts. All the material success in the world could not console me if I or NT/TVP were to fail, nor would all the wonderful things which some few fortunate people have experienced. Without the hope, & the lovable work I am transitioning to put my all into, for realizing the Civilization of the Universe we will be witnessing & instituting together, it appears that all honesty & hope would be lost. In that case we’d simply have to start again. This is a permanent life, this Neothinker’s experience. Thank You & love to our dear Mark & all of us. ~Whade Tufts, NS, Canada

Whade Tufts – Dartmouth, NS, Canada


Dear Mark Hamilton ,
I would like to thank you with all of my heart for opening me up to a better life for myself and all the others around me in my life .
There are not enough words to describe the way my life has been changing . It has opened me up to so many great and wonderful things and each day I am feeling even more alive each day, then I did the day before. I can never thank you enough for turning my life around. And believing in myself again ,something I haven’t done in a long time and it feels great to have self-confidence back again !!

Hello, to all of you fine people, the many, that have not yet become a part of the Twelve Visions Party already. You have no idea as to how much knowledge you CAN, and WILL learn if you were to join with us, the new Society of NEO-Thinking !
This new way of thinking has opened my eyes quite wide. I was searching for something, I was on a knowledge kick, looking for something that was missing from me and my life ! It is like I could feel a empty space inside of me. I knew for a time that this world of ours was down in the dumps ,with all of the violence and destruction and deviants that are destroying the entire world ,and I could feel, that some where, there was something or somebody that, knew or read something or that had some knowledge and that if it came to light, would help to put ourselves back together again. I feel there is a need for all of us to pick up the pieces and rebuild this entire world.
Not too soon either ,While I was searching I have found out things on line, And now because of that I am learning so much with the Twelve Visions Party, so much more too, I am actually learning a more appreciative and powerful new and smarter way of handling my entire life, My passions and ideals are smoothing out, and there is a profound sense of feeling in myself that wasn’t there for a very long time.
The planet, if you will, needs to find a more proficient way of learning better personal and professional management practices, like right now.
Mark Hamilton is a remarkable man and I am really proud to say that. His teaching has done so much for me and so many others. He has found a new and more efficient system that actually works .That is what thousands of people are now finding out about even as you read this.
The concept of what Mark Hamilton is teaching us, has made me more aware of many new fundamentals of learning. I am definitely becoming much more efficient ,and not only in business ,but in my personal life as well. I am beside myself, with having found that, with this “Neo-thinking” I am actually getting organized in my private life and I never would have thought that was possible. I am sort of new to this way of thinking and the teaching of this information, is absolutely remarkable, and then putting the information to use in this new and professional very efficient system of creating I am accomplishing so much more each and everyday. It is really absolutely fantastic!!
Mark Hamilton only has the people’s best interests at heart, and with this new way of teaching us, these concepts(ideas) will indeed, make all our lives more in tune with our thoughts and actions and the entire nation can and should open up their hearts and minds to this vast and very insightful knowledge . We the people of this “Neo-Think Society” have found that as it is a new conception of ways to apply oneself we can learn to do things more efficiently and there’s nothing wrong with that, is there.
We (Neo-Thinking Society) only want to let the rest of the public attendance, who haven’t heard of this new way yet, know that this new and much better way of managing our lives, is definitely going to make great changes in all of us. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to learn something new. If we,” the people on earth “(everyone) learned this new and easier but more advanced way of “Neo-thinking” earlier in our lives ,I believe the world would not be so disorganized as it is now, and right now wouldn’t you agree that it is a “real mess.”
The lessons that myself, and the many others in this new society have, or will learn, are very logical, and reliable ways of making all of our (you and me) goals much easier to accomplish, and with all the goals that you set for yourselves, can and will make a huge and much better difference in all of your(our) lives and that is a good thing. The things that you can learn to accomplish, will make your daily personal and business lives much more enhanced and advanced. It is truly quite an amazing feeling, to know in your heart, how much more you can and will learn if you allow yourselves to expand and to really advance your knowledge into the better way of managing our futures, and that of our great nation. It is where the entire population on this planet live. Where I live and where you live…;
So, now this letter is just scratching the bare surface of the information and knowledge that is out there for us to learn, There are infinite tunnels of knowledge just waiting for us to acquire it, absorb it. The positively numerous amounts learning is just waiting to be acknowledged by us . These things are the things that Mr. Mark Hamilton are opening all of our eyes to. In my book there nothing wrong with all of the things he has been, and still is teaching us ,Absolutely nothing . If we were smart enough to look for knowledge we would have found it too.
I did, there is nothing greater then knowledge and as father time must have thought, as it was, just a “”MATTER OF TIME” before it came to light and Mark just happened to figure it out for us. Now he is helping all of us learn to use these same tools that will shed light all around I guess that it is just another part of “evolution” and there is nothing wrong with evolution we live it each and every day, right !!

Mark Hamilton I thank you again for all the knowledge you have given us, enabling me with the advantage to learn as much as I can and I will always be behind you and with you 100% you should be very proud to know ,you have help so many of us learn of all the possibilities that are here for each and everyone to learn and apply them in our everyday lives, both professional and personal !!Yes, Mark we are grateful that you pointed us on the path to this great and powerful source of Knowledge.!!
&n bsp; God Bless,
Tammy Jo


To All interested in the Twelve Vision Party,
A wonderful future is just waiting for us all. I can see it just there – – – waiting. It starts with the Twelve Visions Party. Wonderful things can and will happen with the start of the Twelve Visions Party. This is the Real Change we have all been waiting for. Please don’t let it slip away. I can see a world with awesome creations made possible by the freedom granted people from the Twelve Visions Party. Some of these creations will bring cures for disease. How awesome would that be! Creations never before seen or even thought of all to better our world. Wonderful entrepreneurs creating just for us instead of being suppressed as it is now. Please help us to free these awesome creators so that they can bring their values to the world. Creations and Values that would give thousands of us meaningful work and value to our lives. Mark Hamilton can see it and so can I. We want you to see it and believe it is more than just possible it is doable! So lets combine our efforts and make it happen! This wonderful world is just there – – – – – waiting – – – – – waiting for us to start. Let’s Start!
Here’s to Starting this Wonderful World Via The Twelve Visions Party,
Sheila H



When i read and study the literature of more than 3000 pages of Mark Hamilton and his Neothink society, i found amazing value and a tremendous amount of reasoning and insight and when coworkers, friends and family take a look at Mark Hamilton’s literature they also see amazing value and wonderful things will come to society in much the same way as what our nation’s founding father did for society 222 years ago when they drafted our nations federal constitution which i taught in high school history and government classes starting in 1967 but the last 40 years our federal government is moving away from our federal constitution therefore a need for Mark Hamilton’s 12 visions party which will give us as Americans a government like our founding fathers intended and not a massive or bulky bureaucracy that is very costly and inefficient.

Max S


Dear Mark,

I did this last night before I got your e-mail. It is from my heart. You have brought so many

wonderful things into my life that I will help you to do this no matter what it takes.

If you need more . simply ask. But I find myself driven to write somedays, and I love to do it. One of my FNE’s surely!

I’ll get started on one about what will happen if we do not take our country back and the TVP fails. That will never happen though. We will succeed at this, because we must.

Do protect yourself and your Family first. Businesses and material things can always be re-created, but We need your genius to help guide us. As long as you survive the TVP will

also survive. WE will make it so. I personally will never ever give up on creating this as long as there is breathe in my body!

You cannot stop a thing when it’s time has come.

As desperate as they will get, they will not and cannot defeat us. People will recognize the truth when it is put before them.

There has never been a way for the average person to take action before.

Now there is. That is why the TVP will prevail.

More to come…….more more and MORE.

Unconditional Love……….. to help MH to…. create eternal value.

Clarie R