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The Twelve Vision Party is the key to a wonderful world. A place where all men and women are created equal and enjoy in all the treasures in this world as it was meant to be. A place where corruption and deceit cease to exist. This world will be filled with self thinkers who will share their ideals to the point where the cost of living will no longer be a factor when buying food or getting an education. I see a world where


To All interested in the Twelve Vision Party,
A wonderful future is just waiting for us all. I can see it just there – – – waiting. It starts with the Twelve Visions Party. Wonderful things can and will happen with the start of the Twelve Visions Party. This is the Real Change we have all been waiting for. Please don’t let it slip away. I can see a world with awesome creations made possible by the freedom granted people from the Twelve Visions Party. Some of these creations will bring cures for disease. How awesome would that be! Creations never before seen or even thought of all to better our world. Wonderful entrepreneurs creating just for us instead of being suppressed as it is now. Please help us to free these awesome creators so that they can bring their values to the world. Creations and Values that would give thousands of us meaningful work and value to our lives. Mark Hamilton can see it and so can I. We want you to see it and believe it is more than just possible it is doable! So lets combine our efforts and make it happen! This wonderful world is just there – – – – – waiting – – – – – waiting for us to start. Let’s Start!
Here’s to Starting this Wonderful World Via The Twelve Visions Party,
Sheila H



What does the Twelve Visions World mean to me. It means that we will all be able to live peace,
Love and Harmony. This is the way our four Fathers would have wanted us to live, and of course
what Jesus would have wanted. What he tried to accomplish before his death. They tried to teach
us how to think for selves, and now thanks to Mark Hamiltons Manuscripes, he is trieing to teach
people the same way, enstead of living everyday boring rutine ruts in Buisness and in politics.
We are not followers. We are suppose to be leaders, guiding our own destinations in life.
I love this wonderful world that we live in. If people can just apply this to there everyday lives
and be the person they were meant to be, instead of blindly following our leaders.
We would all love our lives, and want to live for ever. I know I sure do. This is an awsome gift
of hope and change for a better future for all Mankind.
Thank You Mark Hamilton for a better and brighter future.

Michelle A.



I remember 3 years ago when I first received Mark Hamilton’s Manuscripts, I could not believe my eyes,everything I read was an eye opener to me,I was thinking what a genius,how could someone know so much about the world and people.He cares so much about our well being,going out of his way just to help people in this society,nobody would ever attempt to do so much to help this wonderful world like he has.The only other person that has attempted this was Jesus Christ,and look at the price that he payed for it.
Love makes the world go around,and Mark Hamilton and Jesus Christ has proven that, everyone should order these manuscripts and read up on them, you will see what I am talking about.
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Whoever reads this I would like it to be known that Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society Have opened my eyes to a new and wonderful world. At times I compare him to Neo in the movie “Matrix” in the sense that until now our own leaders have kept us in the dark about the real workings of the government and how we are living on the bread crumbs left after they take us to the cleaners to keep us in the poverty cycle. Now I think about how our society would be if there was no artificial need in this world i.e.: health care, housing, employment, food supply, schooling at all levels, a world where NO ONE would have to worry about the basics needs because all would be taken care of.

Now with that said let’s consider the aspect of aggression, not only on ourselves as individuals but also a nation, consider a world at peace no war, no conflict. So the question becomes why we are so aggressive the answer is plain old greed. I ask you to ponder how different things could be if everyone was WEALTHY and I don’t just mean being a millionaire but a multi-millionaire many times over, and we all can afford to pay for what we need and want.

Right now we are at cusp of a new beginning in HUMAN EVOLUTION and that is to see the real reason why we have not gotten further than we have the status quo cannot continue we need to truly need to change our paradigm of how view our country and the world.

In closing do you remember the scene in “Independence Day” when they figure out how to defeat the invaders and they send the plan around the world using Morse code and one of the men makes the statement to the effect the Americans came up with a plan its about time, and I say to you now it is time.




I was solicited somewhere around 2006 to purchase the first heirloom manuscript. It was not that long after 911, and I was down, and hardly able to pick myself up. The solicitation sounded dubious, but I saw past that, thinking, this might be interest, at least. So I wrote the check, and made the plunge (into new knowledge).

Well, to say the least, not only was it a new knowledge, it opened up a whole world of knowledge to me. I’ve been Christian most of my life. This NeoThink, which Mark Hamilton has introduced to myself, and numerous others, has helped me form a more realistic perspective on God, Himself, Whom now I can love, without fear.

Writing in a spiral notebook, sometimes daily, I have broken through to new insights that I wonder who else has gained, besides myself. My old face, long chiseled into a permanent unhappy look, is beginning to develop the “smile muscles,” because nowadays I have much to smile about.

It’s because I worry less about what’s going on in the world; because I have this wonderful world of Neothink within.

So, thanks, Neothink, and Mark Hamilton,
the author of this very soul-filled literature.

Chester Hayden