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To All interested in the Twelve Vision Party,
A wonderful future is just waiting for us all. I can see it just there – – – waiting. It starts with the Twelve Visions Party. Wonderful things can and will happen with the start of the Twelve Visions Party. This is the Real Change we have all been waiting for. Please don’t let it slip away. I can see a world with awesome creations made possible by the freedom granted people from the Twelve Visions Party. Some of these creations will bring cures for disease. How awesome would that be! Creations never before seen or even thought of all to better our world. Wonderful entrepreneurs creating just for us instead of being suppressed as it is now. Please help us to free these awesome creators so that they can bring their values to the world. Creations and Values that would give thousands of us meaningful work and value to our lives. Mark Hamilton can see it and so can I. We want you to see it and believe it is more than just possible it is doable! So lets combine our efforts and make it happen! This wonderful world is just there – – – – – waiting – – – – – waiting for us to start. Let’s Start!
Here’s to Starting this Wonderful World Via The Twelve Visions Party,
Sheila H