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Dear Mark,
I received your first heirloom book on Neothink in September 2008. It was as if a strong gravitational pull entered my life. It was difficult to put the book down. While there was so much new material, there was also so much validation of what I had been feeling for a long time. Mark Hamilton, Neothink was one of the most powerful forces to ever come into my life. No sooner than I could move through Volume 1, Volume 2 arrived. It was as if I was returning to graduate school. I was amazed at the amount of detail provided on the importance of integration and pro-active management. The essence of success was defined clearly and reinforced through volumes of anecdotal, real world experiences. Then, with the arrival of Miss Annabelle’s Secrets, it all began to come together. Neothink is an incredibly powerful life lesson; it is an inspiring set of solutions to the picture puzzle of our lives and how to live them to the fullest.
I wish you every success in leading Neothink and the Twelve Visions Party. Your leadership has inspired many of us who seek to find the essence of life. As America faces its most challenging times since its founding, I am excited to see the Twelve Visions Party enter the political arena. Its potential contribution to our democracy could be extraordinary.
With all the power of Miss Annabelle’s Secrets, I am most grateful.
William W. “Bill” Ditz