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In the world of illusions nothing is what it seems. Remember we don’t live in a civilization. We live in an anti civilization with it’s controlled media. Don’t believe what they are telling you. It is one big lie. People lie when honesty will do. They just do. Mark Hamilton and Neothink has opened up my eyes. I plan to start the company without a company – a company with out a country. Just a couple of high end computers and a fast internet connection and I can operate from anywhere on earth. I am thinking of moving to the Ukraine. It is no longer safe to live here. Thanks Neothink and the TVP.
Chuck Neothink owner since 1987


To Mark Hamilton and all concerned;
I joined Mark Hamilton and Neothink society back in june 2007. Since June 2007, I began to look at the world of illusions through honest pure mind of reality by applying Mark’s Hamilton literature. At times, I want to quit the readings of literature and Neothink society because of my old believes in illusions, and Mark’s pure world of honest reality. I’m glad, I never quit the Neothink society and Mark’s literature that change my life 180 degrees for better. My goal is 360 degrees, but I’m still working on it. Nevertheless, I became a honest leader of my future by applying Mark’s literature. I now can create my own destiny and future, instead waiting for Santa Clause. I now know that I’m alone responsible for my future, and none will create my destiny but myself. Anyone who will judge Mark Hamilton and society must first read Mark’ literature to understand Mark’s genius to save the world from illusions, dishonesties and contradictions that slowly but surely destroy this world. I want to thank Mark Hamilton and Neothink society to help me by applying Mark’s literature look at the world from honest reality point of view. Never judge book by its cover, read it first.
I honestly, want to thank Mark Hamilton and his literature to let me see reality instead illusions. I joined Neothink society back in June 2007. Since, June 2007 until now, I have been given daily doses of reality through readings of literature written by Mark Hamilton. At times, I want quit the reading and Neothink society because of my illusionary world and old believes began to clash with Mark’s Hamilton honest, pure world of reality. However; the more I red Mark’s literature the better I began to feel about myself and the world of illusions we live in. Today, I’m so happy I never quit because Mark Hamilton and his literature turned my life 180 degrees for better, and I’m still working to change my life 360 degrees for better, but this is my future goal. Mark’s Hamilton literature brought out the honest leader in me. I no longer wait for future directions, I create my own future, life and destiny. I never in my life have been so excited about reading any kind of literature, but Mark’s literature does some spectacular magic to my way of thinking and looking the world from different much better perspective than the old way of thinking. I must say Mark Hamilton is a genius to help any individual find his true meaning and happiness in life by applying Mark’s literature properly in anyone’s life. To honestly judge Mark Hamilton and Neothink society one must read all Mark’s literature to find out that Mark Hamilton is about honest love for human race, competitive value creation, and breakthrough inventions. Anyone who does judge Mark Hamilton on some bogus gossip and made up stories, must really read Mark’ Hamilton precious literature to honestly judge the men and the society. Only then, anyone who reads the literature will understand how vital, and valuable Mark Hamilton and Neothink society is the the future of the world we live in. Don’t judge book by its cover, read it then judge it.
Sincerely yours,


Mark Hamilton CAN NOT change your lives!!!!

That is a action that must come from each INDIVIDUAL!

Still, Mark Hamilton SAVES lives because he makes available the values needed to change your life through your efforts.

That is the deepest level of honesty, if you do not like it, well that is just to bad. I am not here to tell you lies! I am not here to create illusions! I have no hidden agenda to control or steal from you.

All I have is the honesty that is in my heart. This is my value to you, my honesty!

Thank you Mark Hamilton for the values that have helped me to change my life. You are an awesome man. A value creator beyond belief, in this world of illusions!

I love you! I love you! I LOVE YOU!
thank you! thank you! THANK YOU! Thank you for being a honest man, who just wants so bad, to see every one happy and living the life of their dreams.

You are most honestly one of the few people left that beliefs in helping others. Your heart is so huge. You are the true blessing of life! THANK YOU Mr. Mark Hamilton, your love, your value, will live on in this world and here in my heart, forever.

Mark Hamilton, I really love you so! Thank you for the values, and keep them coming forever! =) Thank you! =)

most Honestly
Mark Holder Jr.



Hello Great One,

If only you could imagine the light you’ve brought to my darkness. Since acquiring your 3 installments. The world of illusions I’ve experienced; are a thing of the past.

I’m ready to join the Twelve Visions World! You gotta understand. I see through all the lies the government has presented. I knew long time ago I was different. Thanks

to you. You’ve shown me a vision. That vision tells me I’m not alone in this. I’m honored and this planet should feel the same to have a great leader such as you. I’m a ex military

warrior who survived the B.S. my so called present government tried implant the mystic spirit into me. I knew there was an enlightened out there. That was you all the time. Again,

I’m honored to be an apprentice of yours. No matter how they try to stop you. Keep it movin!  Like the Miss Annebelle Story; I see your vision such as hers. Plant the seeds and

let your flowers grow. I know The Twelve Visions Party will help me and many who are searching for that major break through. The little you’ve shown me; means alot. I appreciate

it. I’ll always stay loyal. I you ever need me; I’m not hard to find. If there’s something you’ve taught me. That is ; sometimes to get through a forest; you gotta chop a couple of trees

down. Don’t let those neocheaters scare the movement. Keep going! I believe in you. I’ll see you in our bright future. ” LET THERE BE LIGHT.”

We’ll speak again,




Mark Hamilton this world is truly a better place with you in it and through your literature I am becoming  a person who is adding values to my life and to society.

When I received my first letter from you my state of mind was that I was living in a world of illusions. This world we live in will have you think you’re crazy to go after your dreams. I felt that I was being conditioned to fit into society. Through your literature I have found that seemingly impossible dreams can be achieved routinely when you have the power to see through appearances to the powerful essences. When you go to the essence of things, then no outside appearances make any difference at all. You must forge ahead on your own no matter what appearances develop around you.

Before reading your literature I had never asked myself the question: What is the reason for living ? I have now found that reason, and it is happiness, and I have learned that achieving my dreams is the way to generate happiness.

I have learned to look for the common denominators, that something in common, Beneath my dreams. What I found is they make us happy and are a value to others. Forging ahead after my dreams makes me happy and that happiness comes from bringing values to myself and others. I found that wonderful feeling of pride and accomplishment that you feel when you accomplish something not only for yourself but something of value to others as well.

Another important thing your literature has provided me with is the knowledge of what every person’s ambition in life is. It is the same for everyone. Every person’s ambition in life is to make one’s living doing what he or she loves most, that which impassions him. Nothing is so stimulating as creating values, its exhilarating, its addicting. It is what man was born to do. Our minds are the only minds on earth that can create values that never existed before. That’s what our minds are made for. That’s what we were born for.

To you Mark Hamilton I say thank you, for you have added joy, happiness and purpose to my life.




Hello Mark Hamilton
The Twelve Vision Party is going next door to my Country,Canada!
I am so joyful to switch from the anticivilization to the Twelve Visions World.
Man,what a feeling!
I will never be pulled down in the illusion of Plato’s cave of dishonesty.
I love you very much Mark Hamilton for your courage to stand up to this sad ANTICIVILIZATION!
My heart goes out to you and all involved to kick mysticism,the problem maker of all irrational and evil in this world of illusions.
Justice at last and all my dreams are coming true!
Only Mark had the guts to stand up to those minions and you all know who I mean.
Go Ntwarriors and help Mark Hamilton to defeat to scumbags and all those that support them!
I do need a gun to protect myself,I have FULLY INTERGRATED HONESTY and the Neothink protection kit.
Cheer to Mark Hamilton for saving us all.
I now can sleep better at night!
Good night Mark Hamilton my Hero!