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I would like to express my thanks for all the new insights I learned from Mark Hamilton and Neothink. I had pieces to the puzzle, but this helped me put together a lot more of the puzzle. I am so excited about the prospect of allowing the individual to rise and the ruling class to become just like the rest of us who have to earn an honest living. I look forward to helping to achieve an honest world of peace and prosperity for all including the poor. I am also thankful for the re-opening of my mind to the possibilities for my life in an exciting new career path.

Joseph Gorski



Haven’t we humans come of age to know lies and dishonesty can never make this world a better place that we all dream and wish for? Isn’t it exciting to realize there are still people in this world of ours like Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Vision Party who have the drive to get us all to a peaceful and fulfilling life? Lets take time to listen to what Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Vision Party have for us all to get us to the world of peace and happiness that we are created to live. I believe Mark Hamilton is a chosen one to take us all on this journey.



For many years there has been many places that I have visited and they all had some answers to life and some made even some sense. But I had a strange inward feeling that their was a higher calling. Something else was drawing me to a real realty. As I was drawing them to me. See a lot of people will tell you they care and some are sincere but others are not. Mark Hamilton has really given this world as a whole a real purpose and meaning. That is not only balanced and fair because it is based in realty and it makes a whole lot of sense his writings are incredible to say the least. Between the society and the writings of Mark Hamilton life has so much hope and real honesty that one can take these tools which he has given us so that we can make a real difference in this very sick and twisted society that we live in. Around the world we see so much hurt and pain I can not wait till the Twelve Visions World comes. A world of peace and love and mutual respect for one another,truth and liberty and justice for all that is what our brother an mentor and friend wants for all of us a fair shake for all the world. and for that, I will always be in such great debt to such a wonderful person who is not afraid to cry out loud and show the world through his writings that we dont have to be against one another, But that we can have a real peace that can be reached through the twelve visions. P.S. THANK YOU YOUR BROTHER AND FRIEND NICHOLAS VIOLA KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


Mark Hamilton’s Multi-Generational Manuscripts are life changing.  Mark Hamilton helped me to rediscover my child of the past and opened the door to the person that I am meant to be.  I am passionate about our future in the Neothink Society.  The Twelve Visions Party is the beginning of a whole new world.  A world without poverty and crime.  A world of peace and love.

Jill Scroger

Batavia, New York


Testimony of Jean Robinson

Receiving my first letter from Mark Hamilton was a highlight of my life. I had already

retired and was working part time. Being an empty nester, I was quite lonely and living day to day with little excitement and really not much to look forward to. Reading about Neothink was an exciting awakening with a sense of anticipation for the future.

I was not happy about life in general because there seems to be so much me-ism in society today and the greed is unfathomable. Neothink is about honesty and allowing individualism with everyone contributing to society for the common good.

This idea gives hope for everyone no matter where one is in his life—young, old, rich, poor, minority, or whatever. With Neothink, we can learn to trust our fellow man instead of wasting time trying to figure out how to avoid being “taken” by those with whom we deal.

 If society could function with everyone contributing and honestly interacting, our country could thrive and all could achieve the “American Dream” instead of a few who take all. The world could then be a place where humankind could live in peace as brothers.

Mark Hamilton has shown us what can be, a world of peace, prosperity and happiness for everyone. His Twelve Visions Party is the vehicle that will get us there so that we can live the life we were meant to live. Why would anyone want to live in this stressful, catastrophic, warring, hurtful world full of famine, sickness, hate, poverty, and deceit?

It is time to take advantage of the opportunity the Twelve Visions party offers to change the world to save ourselves and future generations from the destructive forces of those who have taken power over us and forced humankind into a subservient role.

The literature from Mark Hamilton should be required reading in every school in the world. Everyone, through this literature, will be awakened from the slumber of the propaganda imposed on humankind. Wake up, World.