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hello my name is Domenic L and i would like to start by thanking Mark Hamilton from the bottom of my heart. Learning about Neothink, the twelve visions party (TVP) and applying the knowledge has done more for me my family and all loved ones including my pets, more good than any combination of any and every part of my life. without Neo-think, T.V.P or Mark Hamilton i would still be stuck in the rut i was not being able to pay my bills, getting upset, angry annoyed, frustrated and most of all worry has dissolved in my life. now i feel happy energized rich and so glad to be alive. I would trade nothing for what i have learned and now gain. Mark thank you so much from the entire Lonardo family



As I continue to walk this Neothinking journey I have grown beyond my wildest hopes in living . Much have I changed , ways have I stopped from controling me as a puppet , dreams can I now live forever without a worry or concern . Mark Hamilton showed me the path to objective reality ; not even my own flesh and blood could clearly know let alone teach me as he has in the honesty way to live .

Thank you Mark for everything I have now in knowledge . Sylvia