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The Society contacted me in 2006 although I believe I had been on the radar screen from early on in my childhood growing up in Colorado due to my familial background. I am writing this letter/testimonial to show my sincere thanks gratitude to Mr. Mark Hamilton and to Neothink Society in its Entirety. The Neothink Society chose, hand selected me for a lot of different reasons and I am eternally grateful to them. The Neothink Society and its Heirloom Literature has saved me from a life of mediocrity, stagnation, mysticism, illusions, disease ridden negative thinking, and has become my Shangri-la during major life changes the last two years.
I still have the life changing letters and Heirloom Packages to this day!! This information is so powerful, that all at once, my life began to take on a whole new deeper meaning immediately. Changes occurred first internally, then as I began to study and study the literature, changes began to happen externally and they were powerful joyous changes even in the midst of some of the hardest things. The changes occurred almost over night!! The literature gives you the ability to face obstacles and challenges with absolute confidence and certainty. You gain wisdom, insight, and knowledge and see things as never before!
Because of the powerful, positive, uplifting literature changes have taken place in my life, I no longer put up with manipulation, external control from any individual or group, I no longer just go along as a follower, but have learned to take control of my life and future and become a value creator. I have realized the most powerful secret; I am 100% responsible for me!! I am no longer swayed like a ship with out a rudder! I am taking control and making my dreams come true, because I have chosen to take the appropriate steps towards becoming integrated and becoming a self -leader. I am not living a lie, or a life of lies and illusions forced upon me from an external individual or group. My eyes have been opened up never to return to that life miserable, stagnant, death and negativity trap that I lived before.
The Law of Attraction began to work immediately in relationships. I also began to have a sharper focus and I felt as though I had the ability to think far into the future outside the box as well as being cognizant of the present. I went back to school for a bit and finished 79 hours of studies. My kids became smarter out of thin air just as a natural by product of me changing. My third grader had the best year ever and both of my boys are only getting smarter.
Opportunities began to open up everywhere. I began to think with the whole brain with more capacity. It was as though my life went through a mind, body, rejuvenating, powerful life cleanse.
I guess you could liken it to a computer. Cleansing the hard drive of viruses, hoaxes, abnormalities, illusions, spyware, malware, mysticism, etc Once, the hard drive is cleansed the computer can be downloaded with the correct, accurate applications for success, wealth, prosperity and happiness.
Well, this is exactly is what has happened to me. Have I arrived yet, no of course not! However, I am still going through changes, downloads and moving in an upward powerful position at a quick clip. This is a continual process of cleansing and getting the most up to date accurate download!
I want to stop here and say a whole lot more, however you are beginning to understand that the Neothink Society and Mr. Hamilton have only brought about life, peace, happiness, success and powerful positive changes into my life and to numerous other lives!! I am a living testimony, because everyday just keeps getting brighter and brighter!!!
It is never to late to change!! It is because of the Neothink Society and Mr. Mark Hamilton that this is possible!! My life has only changed for the positive, better and become more powerful!! I will become a value creator and only add to values to society in promoting love, honesty, integration, genius and self -leadership skills that can be passed to others. I hope these words will bring hope and healing to everybody everywhere. I am committed, loyal and ever faithful to the TVP, Neothink Society and Mr. Mark Hamilton. Thank you Again!! More to come….
Mr. Wes E. Hoffman



Hello,I am writing this letter of support for Mark Hamilton and the Neothink society of which I am a member and a proud supporter .I cant really even put into words what being involved in neothink has meant to me and my family.I am also a proud supporter of the twelve visions party and feel that its time is long overdue.The twelve visions party and neothink will bring about a major change for the better inthis country and ultimately the entire world.It is time for the people of the world to stop living in fear and stand up for what is right ,and I believe that Mark Hamilton and our new political movement,the twelve visions party is the instument of change that the world needs and I for one am with you Mr Hamilton…

Joseph l. F



Dear Mark Hamilton,

I am writing this letter to express to you my deep and heartfelt appreciation for the tremendous positive impact you have had on my life. I am truly thankful that there is someone like you spending his precious time thinking about, and developing methods his fellow human beings can use to live healthier, happier, and more prosperous lives.

I have been a member of your Neothink Society for almost four years and I have discovered the life I was meant to live. I now believe there is hope for all mankind to contribute to society in a positive way which will bring a rewarding sense of fulfillment to their lives. After reading your Prime Literature, I now realize the purpose of life is to live happily and prosper. Previous to being contacted by you, I was growing more and more anxious about the years passing by so quickly. I was playing out the back nine of my life, and quite concerned about what lay ahead for me as I grew older. Now as a result of my association with you, and other Neothink Society members, I am on a path which has brought me great happiness, personal growth, and a renewed jest for life!

I have read about, understand the principles of, and believe in your new Twelve Visions Party. I believe it supports what the “Founding Fathers of these United States” originally intended when they developed the Constitution. I believe that the Founding Father’s purpose of the constitution has been lost over the years with the ever expanding size of the government, and it’s involvement into citizen’s lives. We have lost focus of what “Government for the People” is supposed to mean. I believe the Founding Fathers created our government to serve “We the People” It was not their intention for government to be involved in every aspect of our lives. We were meant to be self leaders responsible for our own lives. It was not meant for us to be totally dependent on the government which is where we are heading. Because of you, I now take responsibility for my own life, and do my due diligence to research all aspects of my life to care for myself and my family. The Twelve Visions Party will provide personal protection for all citizens and at the same time allow individuals to pursue the lives they were meant to live.

Thank you for all you’ve done, and continue to do for us!

~ Bruce A.


I am writing this letter in appreciation of the countless hours of contemplation, consideration and direction that I have found in your writing. I have always been my own person, free in thought and will, creating the world that I live in through the trials of life. However, from my early days in school, to the early years in my professional career, I lacked organization and had trouble “staying on task”.  I could not seem to find anyone to explain, in a manner that made any sense to me, how organization really worked. I was so frustrated, for I had all this talent and creativity but could not use it to save my life; it was like living in a thick fog. My marriage was struggling and I wondered how I would be able to show my young children how to survive in this world without them losing their sense of self, happiness and dignity. Would they grow up to be hollow, with nowhere to turn for a concrete example of how to function as adult men?

          The solution for me is in your writing, Mr. Hamilton. I was able to come to the conclusion that whether there is a “god”, some “ultimate creator” or the work of natural selection, the answer lies within us. We have the power to make decisions, act upon them and be accountable for the choices we make. However we were created, the power is ours to improve our situations. To outsource that authority to any other entity is a slap in the face to one’s self and to any creator loving enough to give such a gift. I found that I was guilty of waiting around for someone or something to come along and save me, my wife and my kids. I discovered that I had made a mess of things by being reckless through my inactions and that I essentially needed to be reborn in my efforts to live a happy life. Furthermore, I discovered that many enabled me to be this way so that they could in turn, continue their own reckless behavior. In the process I saw that my kids were going to suffer greatly from this lifestyle. The love in your writing lies within the fact that we have the ability to properly organize and take control of our destiny, no matter where we are in our lives. I was reminded of two quotes I had read by Jesus and they are; “know ye not, ye are all gods?” and “what I have done, all men shall do, what I am all men shall be”. Between these writings and yours, I was inspired to change the way I was thinking and acting.

          My wife and I could not work out our problems, I bought a house and for the first time in my life and became self reliant. The big challenge has been changing all my bad habits into a productive, organized effort. I woke up just little too late, for I was affected by the downturn in the economy. But things could have been much worse had I stayed in the trance of my destructive ways. I have been practicing the techniques outlined in your writing and my “superiors” no longer have control over me. I am always two steps ahead of them and don’t have to worry that they will be able to take advantage of me. My future is bright again and my creative abilities and talents have increased ten-fold. I have started a business and also have been promoted at work. Things are still a little tough right now but my life has certainly turned around. The best story here is the knowledge I was able to pass on to my children. Their parents are once again happy and they are very happy boys. My oldest son has become president of his elementary school, his peers love and respect him and he does not have the element of frustration that I grew up with. My youngest is very bright as well and both kids are ultra-creative. They are a shining example of what we can all be if we work a lot smarter and love more deeply.

          I hope your message gets to everyone, I hope people will be open minded to your writing and learn to truly love themselves. I hope people everywhere take the personal authority to create an honest world for their fellow inhabitants and stop waiting for someone or something to save them. I wish success to the TVP and the NEOTHINK society.

Thank you so much Mr. Hamilton, may you and your family live forever in peace and happiness.

Sincerely, Joe