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First of all.. I am deaf/hearing impaired person and my name is Patricia “Cathy” Meek will like to announcement to all my dearest deaf/hearing impaired people and friends …But you, all… who are hard-of-hearing and hearing people are welcome. I want to telling you all something important about Mark Hamilton, Neothink Society and TVP (Twelve Visions Party)…

I am lucky that Mark Hamilton invite me into an important information with a very largest group at Neothink Society. I have fun and learning at same time. I am now member 2 and 1/2 years… I notice that I am real me, non copy cat to look up others… I look up myself to be leader and you all are self-leader, too. I thank Mark Hamilton, that I no longer copy cat from others… Mark Hamilton is our mentor (teach) He let each of us as leadership and who we are… I create a short sing for HIM, one of my YouTube. You all are welcome to watch me there, and find me by name Patricia C Meek. There is not ready. soon coming… need add audio before up and run. Wink!

I remember in Neothink Society, there is a group build TVP. I am wondering what are they doing, HA! so now when I was gone not be in group a little while to take care of my sick parents and I am free and back into group by Facebook… I was so happy to met my new family again. I then learn more about TVP at Facebook and went to their TVP website ( very long read but worth it learn from there, I highly recommence for all of you go and learn… And Each of You will be NEXT to be sweet self and became LEADER !