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Now I will reveal to you the evolving government structure that will maximize its one and only purpose of protecting the individual against initiatory force and providing justice.  I created this document of the new government structure in 2005.  I presented the concepts over twenty years ago in my second publication Neo-Tech Business Control (740-pages, Volume Six, Government Capture, 1989).  But I have held this document back, until now…now that we will actualize the Twelve Visions Party.

The United States Constitution’s three main principles of inherent rights, government by the people, and separation of powers provided the basis for the freest and most prosperous nation in history.  Just imagine two centuries ago the new ideas of a nation created to ensure a person’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as written in the Declaration of Independence, a nation governed by the people, a nation with watchdog checks and balances on political and bureaucratic powers.

The delegates of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 also gave careful consideration to the division of power between the federal government and state governments.  The U.S. Constitution, which emerged from the Constitutional Convention in 1787, is called the supreme law because the state constitutions and both federal and state laws cannot violate the U.S. Constitution.

The U.S. Constitution does a nearly perfect job setting down the principles and system of government.  Things went wrong because of continual misinterpretation of the Constitution over generations, which led to repeated violations of the Constitution.  What was missing was an overarching constitution, so to speak, the prime law of no initiatory force. 

Had the Prime Law existed since the beginning, our country would have entered the wealthy/healthy/safe Twelve-Visions World generations ago (as described in Superpuzzle, Neothink® Books, Mark Hamilton, 1200-pages).

If the Prime Law eventually becomes an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution — the Prime-Law Amendment — we could again have confidence in the U.S. Constitution, for it brilliantly sets down the system of government and separation of powers, starting with the three main powers of 1) making laws, 2) executing laws, and 3) interpreting laws.

There would be, however, a fundamental change with the Prime-Law Amendment:  The whole concept of a government based on power — separation of powers, division of powers, checks and balances of powers — would change from a government based on power to a government based on service.  That fundamental change from a power basis to a service basis would evolve a businesslike system — a businesslike protection service — as detailed in Twelve Visions of the Twelve Visions Party® (Neothink® Books, Mark Hamilton, 300 pages).

The evolution from a power basis to a service basis will gradually happen with the success of the Twelve Visions Party.  I will lay out a very simplified, an oversimplified explanation of the highlights of the new businesslike government structure we would be aggressively working toward: 

With the nearly flawless job done in the original U.S. Constitution document setting down the law, we will not touch its main principles.  We will repeal some of the Amendments.  And we will work toward evolving the daily functioning of our government into the most competent value-creating system — the Neothink® System as detailed in Inside Secrets of the Neothink® Society, (Neothink® Books, Mark Hamilton, 319 pages).

To really understand this transition from a power-grabbing political/force basis of government to a value-creating business/service basis, you must read about the breakthrough Neothink® System and its mighty division of essence.  With the briefest of highlights, here is a quick synopsis of the ideas:

The Neothink® System’s division of essence is the ultimate division of labor because each job of labor also includes the mind — the ability to think and make the job more and more valuable.  This breakthrough is described in Inside Secrets of the Neothink® Society.

The division of labor works by dividing a company into its physical movements, which become its jobs of labor such as the man driving in rivets on the assembly-line.  My division of essence, on the other hand, divides business into its physical movements too, but movements that include the thinking mind in order to creatively advance the essence of the business (i.e., its marketable values) in all jobs, at all levels.  Each value-creating movement or job becomes a crucial part of the business’s value-creating essence.  Each job in the business becomes alive and valuable to the company’s creative forward movement.

The three branches of government as set down in the U.S. Constitution are 1) the Legislative Branch, creating laws for citizen protection, 2) the Executive Branch, executing laws for citizen protection, 3) the Judicial Branch, interpreting laws for citizen protection.  Instead of three branches of government, we can now identify them as the three main physical movements of protection — the essence of government — that include the thinking mind in order to make each movement more and more of a value.  This begins the government’s ultimate division of labor, known as the division of essence.  The purpose of government, the essence of government, remember, is protection.

So, the three main physical/mental movements of government protection are 1) creating the laws for protection, 2) executing the laws for protection, 3) interpreting the laws for protection.  But, how does the government break down further?

Inside those large main movements of protection are smaller mini-movements of protection.  They too are complete physical/mental movements for protection, just smaller value-creating subsets or mini-movements of the overarching main movements of protection.  For example, under the main movement of executing laws for protection, comes four mini-movements: 1) executing foreign affairs, 2) executing money matters, 3) executing the military, 4) executing justice.  Each is a physical/mental movement with a clear purpose of protection, the essence of government.  Notice, those mini-movements are four of the thirteen Departments of the President’s Cabinet — Department of State, Department of Treasury, Department of Defense, Department of Justice.  In a protection-only government, the other Departments are not needed.  Interestingly, those four Cabinet Departments were the original four the father of our country, Neothink® man George Washington, established in setting up our government.

The physical/mental mind-with-body mini-movements of protection are self-driven chunks of essence from the overall value-creating essence of the government, which is protection.  Collectively, the mini-movements of protection make up the government’s division of essence.  The massive government continues to divide into its physical/mental movements of protection or chunks of essence, down to smaller and smaller chunks of mind-with-body, value-creating movements of protection.  For instance, the federal prison system is a complete chunk of essence, a full physical/mental value-creating movement of protection that falls under the larger movement of Justice, which falls under the overarching main movement of executing the laws.  The police force, the armed services…those are chunks of essence, physical/mental value-creating movements of protection that fall under larger physical/mental movements of protection.

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