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Those chunks of essence — mind-with-body movements where value creation and elevation toward the business’s essence can occur — exist throughout all value-creating businesslike structures.  Of course, the government’s essence is protection.  Chunks of essence — mind-with-body movements where value creation and elevation toward protection can occur — would exist all throughout our new Twelve-Visions Government.  Those new mind-with-body value-creating movements of protection will cover all functions of the new government, bringing out the best protection service.

Vision Six in Twelve Visions of the Twelve Visions Party® (Neothink® Books, Mark Hamilton, 300 pages) demonstrates how the division of essence allows decentralization, while at the same time having strong centralization, which is exactly what a service-based U.S. Government will need.  For example, in the division-of-essence structure, the fifty states would most effectively become their own chunks of essence (i.e., protection) with their own division of essence.  In other words, they would function autonomously under their own constitutions.  They could compete, and people would vote with their feet.  However, the Prime-Law Amendment would filter out every state and federal bad law in the country, including existing amendments in the U.S. Constitution.  Therefore, all citizens everywhere would be protected by the Prime Law of Protection: no initiatory force.

Moreover, without getting into too much detail, once you understand how the division of essence works (study the Neothink® System in Inside Secrets of the Neothink® Society) you will understand the mutually beneficial internal Essence Tracking Reports that will rise up from the states to the federal main Movement Heads.  And you will understand the Essence Meetings that will bring centralized control over the decentralized U.S. Protection Service.  The service of protection and justice, from the local level to the federal level, will snap together into one unbreakable Neothink puzzle-picture through the Essence Tracking Reports.  That Neothink service — that intense value-creating thinking put in at every level of government — will deliver the greatest value creation to the American people.  Peace unlike ever before will blanket America.

Let me pause here to make a point: The separation of powers and division of powers will no longer be necessary, for a ruling power will no longer exist.  Whereas, as the saying goes, power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely…our new government will be merely a service — a pay-as-you-use service.  Instead of forced tax collection, citizens will voluntarily pay for superior protection.  People will pay for peace. 

There will be absolutely no ruling power, no reason to separate or divide power.  All divisions will come by way of the division of essence to maximize the values being created — the protection of our citizens.

With that in mind, I see two possible scenarios here for the Twelve-Visions Government that would be determined based upon which one would deliver the best service when the time approaches:

Scenario One: Do not link the federal and the states’ Essence Tracking Reports and Essence Meetings.  The federal responsibilities stop with federal law, courts, prisons, national defense; the states’ responsibilities cover state law, courts, prisons, police.

Scenario Two: Vertically link the federal and states’ Essence Tracking Reports and Essence Meetings.  The federal and states’ responsibilities link vertically under one essence of protection.  This is possible only because we are shifting from a power basis to a service basis.

The better approach is yet to be determined.  Since the Twelve-Visions Government will eventually become the first government NOT based upon power, rather upon service, either approach will be valid.  The determination will be made upon one factor: which approach provides the customer with the best service, the best value, the best protection!

Imagine…a value-creating businesslike government, structured upon the greatest value-creating breakthrough of all time — the division of essence.  The division of essence is the next evolution of the almighty division of labor (see Inside Secrets of the Neothink®).  Indeed, that next evolution opens the door to break down not just labor, but value creation into jobs for the ordinary working person.  Imagine, value creation broken into the workers’ jobs by the ultimate division of labor that includes not just labor, but the mind as well, the superior division of essence.  That division of essence in business has proven to bring forth the most creative, breakthrough-values, often by ordinary workers!  And that is exactly what we want from our government: the most creative, breakthrough-protection. 

We want no weapon to be able to penetrate our country; we want no criminal or terrorist to be able to violate our citizens.  The division of essence ignites every man and woman’s creative mind and will bring us what we want for our country. 

I created the division of essence for maximum value creation.  Indeed, the division of essence is a powerful value-creating force that will thrive in the Twelve-Visions World.  The division-of-essence structure of business will bring us the creation of the most amazing consumer values in all areas of life including medicine.  And now, we will bring that division of essence to the structure of protection.  We will enjoy the best protection ever witnessed on our planet, even during a world of escalating terrorism.

The new division-of-essence structure of protection will adopt tools such as Essence Tracking Reports and Essence Meetings (abbreviated in Vision Six of Twelve Visions of the Twelve Visions Party®).  I will not go into the details here, but you can understand those terms as well as Movement Heads, mind/body mini-movements of protection, their mini-movement heads — those at the state and federal levels — by understanding the concepts in my book Inside Secrets of the Neothink® Society.  That book explains all those terms and the value-creating power of the division of essence.

Neothink® Control

The Movement Heads will receive the daily, weekly, and monthly Essence Tracking Reports from their mini-movements under them.  Those tracking reports are the Movement Heads’ puzzle pieces.  The Movement Heads will snap those tracking reports together like puzzle pieces into the big Neothink puzzle-picture.  Then monthly, they’ll hold their famous Essence Meetings with their mini-movement heads.  The three main Movement Heads will be the persons with the big picture of their respective movements, and they will guide each mini-movement head to best serve the big picture.

The three main Movement Heads have enormous responsibility.  They are the best at the movement they serve; they rise to the top through superior performance.  They give invaluable guidance to their mini-movement heads at the federal level and to their fifty mini-movement heads at the state level (if the vertically-linked paradigm takes hold).  Again, the Movement Heads receive their Essence Tracking Reports, snap together the big picture for their specific movements, and hold monthly Essence Meetings with their mini-movement heads in order to guide them through the big picture toward creating the best values — the best protection.

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