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Chapter Thirty-Eight

Educating Geniuses

Upon entering first grade at six years of age, the natural motivational drive in the child is gradually lost. You see, the premise of public schools today is: Prepare children to effectively integrate into society. Now, imagine that the eager child dreams about growing up and becoming a famous person who does wonderful things…a great value creator. “I’ll do great things for the world and become a millionaire!” But those dreams gradually dissipate as the child blends into today’s suppressed civilization.

In my Ninth Vision, I witnessed the premise of Twelve-Visions-World schools: Prepare children to create values that many people need and are excited to buy. My Vision showed me that on the child’s first day of school, the teacher would walk in and say, “I’m going to prepare you to create great things for the world, and as a result you will become famous and rich!” Wow, the child sat up and took notice — his dreams confirmed! His motivation grew with compounding momentum as he steadily gained the ability to achieve his dreams throughout his Twelve-Visions-World education.

The Old School

In today’s suppressed civilization, children have little chance to grow up and become rich with a public education. Consider the trend in public schools today concerning the three fundamentals of education. (The three fundamentals of structure, motivation, and thinking as identified by renown educator, Professor Leonard Peikoff):

Structure: Increasing trend toward class discussions, free-flowing thoughts from kids and teachers, random facts about events and dates pragmatically “structured” to bring the child into “what’s happening in today’s social environment”. The child hears all those unintegrated points (i.e., percepts), but later he forgets much of what he saw and heard in school.

Thinking: The child is not taught to integrate. He is not taught to integrate the many random percepts into common denominators — into a few timeless, unforgettable concepts. He never knows the power of his mind to integrate random percepts into structured concepts for everlasting knowledge. Knowledge is power, but he retains little knowledge. Instead, he absorbs then forgets unintegrated, pragmatic percepts, many regarding what’s germane to the politically correct times. When he graduates, his mind is quite impotent as he settles into our suppressed society.

Motivation: He has little certainty, just a go-with-the-flow “education”. The child learns to “fit in”. He is trapped, at the mercy of our society, economy, national standard of living. There is nothing to be motivated over, for the child implicitly feels less and less power to rise above the suppressed state of things, above the burden of life he sees in his parents, to create new values for society and enjoy the emotional and financial rewards as an adult. Dreams become blurry and fade.

The New School

In tomorrow’s Twelve-Visions World, by comparison, dreams not only came true for schoolchildren and for adults, too, but those initial dreams were just the beginning. I saw it all in my Ninth Vision:

Structure: Twelve-Visions-World schools had a highly ordered presentation of knowledge, via class lectures, starting with bare percepts and integrating those many percepts by common denominators into a few timeless concepts for rapid absorption and permanent retention of knowledge. Knowledge was power. Through building timeless concepts, the child retained all that he learned in school. Moreover, he observed and learned how to integrate to build, piece by piece, onto his base of concepts — to build more and more knowledge and power throughout his life in order to someday create great values for society.

Thinking: The child was taught to integrate. He discovered why his mind was infinitely superior to all other animals. He integrated knowledge through common denominators from random percepts into structured concepts. He learned to form a few large concepts, not memorize many specific percepts. Thus, that child retained magnitudes more knowledge through integrated thinking. Soon, he learned how to snap a few of those concepts together into simple puzzles. Integrated, puzzle-building thinking sent thrills through the child, and it would eventually take him to great heights. The child quickly rose beyond the reach of all stagnation traps. Instead of heading toward a routine rut, he was heading toward exhilarating value creation…and a creation-driven life.

Motivation: The child knew with certainty that he could make a difference, for knowledge was power. The child felt certainty and power. He naturally became motivated for more, for superchild would now grow up to become superman or superwoman. The child felt like dynamite! The thrill for life, for expanding awareness and control, gained momentum. He felt more and more power to someday do great things for society and make great wealth for himself — every child’s dream. Dreams became focussed and closer. The child became highly motivated.

Our Children Lifted the World

In today’s civilization, our education does not properly teach children how to think, to integrate and build mental puzzles of new knowledge. In the Twelve-Visions World, education and children’s minds will exist at a whole different level.

The Ninth Vision showed me that toddlers’ rapid learning curves did not slow down. With the same thrill for life and expanding awareness nurtured by proper education, our children and grandchildren evolved straight into Neothink and soared beyond even the smartest and richest people alive today.

Tomorrow’s superchild became a genius of society who, with his peers, made us all rich through brilliant technological breakthroughs that drove prices toward zero and buying power toward infinity, a similar phenomenon to what we have already seen in the computer industry. For the most part, our children and grandchildren lifted the world after the collapse of the ruling class.

On the Prosperous Path in the Twelve-Visions World

Obviously, tomorrow’s superchild needed a lot of knowledge. The discussion method that dominated public schools in the late twentieth century and early twenty-first century vanished. The original idea behind that popular discussion method was that children taught each other in order to help develop their social and communication skills — to better integrate into society. However, tomorrow’s superchild needed knowledge. Twelve-Visions-World education used the old-fashioned lecture method in which the teacher did the teaching and filled the child with knowledge.

Now, the superchild rapidly built upon that base of knowledge as he grew up. Unlike us, he was taught conceptual thinking and integrated thinking. To perceive surroundings — see, hear, feel, smell, taste — was automatic and present in most animals. Man’s superiority came from his ability to integrate. Tomorrow, our children and grandchildren integrated percepts by common denominators into concepts to generate reason and knowledge. That process was called conceptual thinking. Soon thereafter, their minds could build concept upon concept into puzzles of knowledge. That process was called integrated thinking. Tomorrow, without today’s education blocking our children’s integrated thinking, they reached out more and more widely and onto Neothink.

Leaving Behind the Old Way

As researched by renowned Professor Leonard Peikoff and detailed in his Philosophy of Education, public schools (and most private schools) in the latter twentieth century and early twenty-first century did not teach children how to integrate the endless percepts into a few simplified concepts. For example, instead of teaching children the simple concepts of phonetics (e.g., a “p” makes a “pa” sound), public schools in the late twentieth century taught the look-say or whole-language method. Phonetics required understanding 44 simple concepts (i.e., sounds); look-say required memorizing how to read every single word the child ever saw (i.e., perceived) with no simplifying common denominators such as phonics (i.e., no concepts).

Indeed, children in all subjects — history, math, science, literature — were taught impotent perceptual thinking and not potent conceptual thinking. History, for example, was taught by unintegrated specific events (i.e., by percepts) and not grouped together by common denominators into concepts. For example, the wrath of human destruction over the centuries was touched on fact by fact (i.e., percept by percept) but not grouped into the basic underlying concept of tyranny, of rule of man — a ruling class. Thus, children did not make connections of logic and, instead, lived their lives in a somewhat helpless “airhead state”. They retained very little knowledge since they never learned how to integrate percepts by common denominators into interlocked concepts of logic — the very capacity that separated man from the other animals. In short, children never learned to think. …Was it not to be expected that essentially all children in the anticivilization grew up to a life of stagnation? Was it any surprise that smart politicians ran things the way they wanted to?

In the Twelve-Visions World, as I saw in my Ninth Vision, children grew up to be geniuses with powerful motivational drives. They were intensely happy, for they did not experience the tragedy of their dreams fading as we did. Moreover, as those children tomorrow grew up, they used Neothink to not only make their own dreams come true, but ours as well.

To get a metaphorical sense of the power of integrated thinking, imagine, for a moment, a large boulder sits near the edge of a cliff. We find the strongest man in the world and ask him to push that boulder over the cliff. He braces his shoulder against the boulder and pushes with all his might. The boulder does not even budge. Well, we could find the next thousand strongest men in the world, line them up, and watch them one by one push the boulder with all their might. But the boulder never budges. …That is a metaphor for how we are taught to use our minds in school, thus later at work — to helplessly push our thoughts one by one against the big boulder to success. The big boulder to success never budges.

Now, imagine this: you and I and ten average guys brace our shoulders against the big boulder and, all together, give it one big heave. That boulder would roll right over the cliff! …That is a metaphor for how our children’s minds will work tomorrow with a Twelve-Visions-World education — continually bringing together many thoughts into one powerful force to easily push over the big boulder to success. With this powerful integrated thinking tomorrow, our children grew up to push through all the money-making barriers that even the thousand smartest men today could never move through.

More Creative Than Today’s Smartest People

My Ninth Vision clearly showed me that integrated thinking gave our children more creative power tomorrow than the smartest men and women in the world today. That was why our children and grandchildren actually became creative geniuses, even with average IQs!

Our education today in our suppressed civilization gives us powerless perceptual or specialized thinking that leaves us stranded as adults in routine-rut jobs with specialized tasks. Even if someone today is very good at what he does, he is usually powerless at fulfilling his deepest dreams, sort of like those world’s strongest men powerless at pushing over the big boulder.

In tomorrow’s Twelve-Visions World, however, our children grew up learning how to snap thoughts together into an integrated force that easily pushed over the big boulder to major success.

In today’s civilization, the same forces that hold back super entrepreneurs and super technologies also hold back our children’s development. You see, career politicians and regulatory bureaucrats increasingly control our educational system. The ordinary person graduates from our public schools with severe short circuits; he or she cannot put together the connections needed to be creative. He or she, in short, cannot integrate.

Make A Change

Knock out of your mind the passive acceptance of your children and grandchildren settling into a specialized routine rut. They can escape the stagnation-trap you perhaps endured.

Imagine their most ambitious dreams, and daydream about them for a few minutes. In your mind’s eye, block out the obstacles that will hold them down in a stagnant routine rut. Instead, see your children and grandchildren leading the way to exhilarating success.

With all that you know now, that daydream strikingly demonstrates to you (as it did for me) that, in today’s suppressed civilization, they will grow up, trapped in a terminal rut. As simple as it may seem, that striking snapshot of their lifelong stagnation-trap can set off an act of self-preservation: as happened to me, you might start seeking the Twelve-Visions-Party agenda.

With a Twelve-Visions-World education, as seen in my Ninth Vision, our children and grandchildren frequently came up with major marketing ideas, for marketing ideas were simply an exercise of the mind: of finding common denominators that served a lot of people’s needs. They then built success upon those structured concepts, say those great marketing ideas, through forward-movement integrated thinking.

Their creativity and energy went toward identifying then servicing society’s needs. Indeed, those geniuses — our children and grandchildren — solved people’s problems and needs. As a result, enormous creativity and energy rushed into society. Prosperity reigned throughout America, then across our planet. Exhilaration and wealth filled our children’s and grandchildren’s lives.

Knowledge is power. But creating new knowledge is super power. The richest people today created something new. Through forward-movement integrated thinking, they integrated lots of existing knowledge. While steadily putting together existing knowledge, they hit critical points that broke through into new knowledge. While steadily building their success-puzzles piece by piece, they reached a point when they had snapped together a creative new puzzle-picture. At that point, they experienced Neothink. Tomorrow, our children evolved into the Neothink mentality.

Realize, our graduating geniuses were not necessarily gifted with creativity. Not until they built a certain size success-puzzle did they begin springing into creativity. You see, as they built their success-puzzles piece by piece, they began to see puzzle-pictures gradually forming. As they saw their puzzle-pictures coming together, they broke into new knowledge while seeing how their unique pictures and their missing pieces must look like. Then they began creating by completing those unique puzzle-pictures.

Forming The Bridge to Money and Power

Sometimes we wonder how a money/power giant got from point A in school to point B on top of the world. Building success-puzzles, piece by piece, formed his bridges to money and power. To build those success-puzzles, piece by piece, though, requires integrated thinking. Tomorrow, under the new code of education, that happened automatically to ordinary people. Today, under the old code of education, that seldom happens to even extraordinary people.

I observed in my Ninth Vision that it was integrated thinking that eventually enabled the entire human race to mentally cross the bridges to a whole new way of orchestrating our minds in the Twelve-Visions World, something we called the Neothink Mentality. Neothink was so superior that once it got started, its natural advantages quickly engaged people everywhere.

Neothink comes from compilations of complex concepts that, when pulled together, reveal startling, synergistic advancements of human knowledge. (Twelve Visions, a Mark Hamilton Publication, is an example of Neothink.)

Very rare today, Neothink became our children’s and grandchildren’s normal mentality in tomorrow’s Twelve-Visions World. We, too, eventually evolved into Neothink. With Neothink, ordinary people routinely contributed life-lifting values to mankind. Ordinary people became extraordinary.

Becoming Geniuses

When that happened, we discovered our unknown selves: our buried genius within. The measurement for mental power changed from intelligence tests for IQ to the efficacy of one’s integrated thinking. IQ no longer mattered (save for subnormal, mental retardation, of course). In time, the superior Neothink mentality swept across our planet. Babies naturally grew into and children naturally stayed in the Neothink mentality.

Tomorrow’s schools, as seen in my Ninth Vision, taught our children and grandchildren how to Neothink. As they grew up, they joined the geniuses. Indeed, living exhilarating creation-driven lives instead of boring routine ruts, they joined the entrepreneurial geniuses and created wonderful values for the world.

Your children and grandchildren built larger and larger puzzles of knowledge through integrated thinking. With that integrated, puzzle-building thinking, surpassing their best dreams became natural and fun. They lived the way man is supposed to live. Highly motivated and making more and more conceptual advancements, they learned how to pull the integration string. That was when they saw their first puzzle-pictures. Pulling together their conceptual advancements into one interlocked, synergistic advancement of knowledge, one clear puzzle-picture of new knowledge, they experienced the euphoria of Neothink. Soon, they crossed over to the Neothink mentality and continued to pull together those synergistic advancements of knowledge in their lines of work or interests. Of course, they were greatly rewarded with prestige, wealth, happiness, and love.

My Ninth Vision showed me that sometime in the twenty-first century, snapping together synergistic advancements of knowledge became the norm for ordinary people graduating in the Twelve-Visions World.

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