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The Twelve Visions Party with its Prime Law and Protection-Only Budget understands government’s final evolution into providing protection and only protection, the purpose of government, without flaw-filled man in control. As a result, removing flaw-filled man from the controls of government means average Americans will live like millionaires without lifting a finger. Everyone will become rich, including the poor.


Indeed, when you get down to the irreducible fundamental of something, such as a protection-only government, a paradigm shift sometimes occurs with almost magical benefits. Consider this example, an analogy to the Prime Law and the resulting wealth we will enjoy:


In the early 20th century when Henry Ford got down to the fundamental nature of production — down to the physical movements of production — the assemblyline emerged and caused a paradigm shift from handmade production to mass production. Ford identified, “Do not let the workers manage the work; instead, let the work manage the workers.” And that changed EVERYTHING. A national prosperity-explosion followed.


In the early 21st century, when I (the author, Mark Hamilton) got down to the fundamental nature of government — down to the physical protection of the individual and his property — the Prime Law emerged, which will cause a paradigm shift from rule of man to rule of law, flawless law. I identified, “Do not let flaw-filled politicians, judges, bureaucrats manage the law; instead, let the flawless Prime Law manage the politicians, judges, bureaucrats.” And that will change EVERYTHING. A national prosperity-explosion will follow, a freedom paradigm accompanied by an unhindered Technological Revolution in which buying power will multiply a hundredfold or more. The computer revolution was a preview of what can come to all industries.


Now let us take a close look at the political party itself. To do so, I must express my thoughts and feelings directly to you. For a long time, I dreaded the idea of launching a political party. I knew that all people, including loyal Visionaries, including myself, were flaw-filled men and women with all our shortcomings, vulnerabilities, and temptations. We are human, and human beings are not perfect. How could the Twelve Visions Party survive the faults of its members and officials? The answer, I continued to conclude, was: it will not survive the faults of man.


How could my new political-party idea ever work? Finally, I realized I needed to take the fundamental decision-making away from party members, yes, away from the Visionaries themselves! In other words, “Do not let the Visionaries (imperfect, flaw-filled man) manage the law; instead, let the unchanging flawless Prime Law manage the Visionaries!” Yes! With the fundamental law of protection — the Prime Law — I could do this! The Twelve Visions Party could now work and truly bring the millionaire-phenomenon to the people!


To control this movement, all Party members who run for office or service in any way must sign the TVP Contract below that assures every decision is made according to the Prime Law.


Now, the Political Party will work beautifully. The Twelve Visions Party can now actualize the unprecedented opportunity to make all people rich, including the poor. Indeed, we are at a unique moment in time and technology in which the Twelve Visions Party can ignite a never-before-seen prosperity-explosion.



The TVP Contract

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