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Chair: Nadia Sazanovitch


Now is the time on this Earth to embody new ways of living in our world and new ways to receive the magnificent life force that is designed to continually expand the true Light and Love, Wealth, Health and Peace.

I am now living in a cycle that is filled with unprecedented opportunities to walk the Earth as a living creator.

The Love is the major focus of my life. A Love that may be share with all of life, yet a Love that no one actually brings to me nor can anyone take it away from me.

The Love within the Heart of my Presence has the power to transform all of my relationships. It is absolutely fearless in its intimacy and it is always unconditional.

I have the opportunity of using unconditional Love to bring that part of my mind into freedom of the Present. My freedom is always and only in the here and now.

I thank Mark Hamilton for Mentoring, for his Greatness, for his Visions.

I love them all. I am very happy be a part of exclusive association of the successful people in the world.

My Friday-Night Essences: The Twelve Visions Party and Visions Business Alliances. I was patient and took steps to learn more and more about the visions, party platform, by laws and implement it in real life.

The Prime Law is Universal Law. The Prime Law will remove man from creating, interpreting, and executing and new freedom will be everywhere on this planet. The TVPCT is here in the state and in the country to make everyone healthy and wealthy by introducing a moral and just government of protection only. This is the reason I am serving my Party’s objective to return to a protection-only government in order to unleash an unprecedented prosperity-explosion that will make all the people rich, including the poor.

I want to live, for the first time, in a universally wealthy, healthy, happy, peaceful, safe, and truly free society, then Prime Law of protection must ultimately become the “decision maker”, not me.

I am visionary of Twelve Visions World completely commit myself to the Prime Law and must bring the Prime Law in our state via our State Constitution and to our Federal government eventually via an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The Prime Law means permanent Wealth, Health, and Peace.

Nadia Sazanovitch

Visionary of the Twelve Visions Party of Connecticut,

Chair of TVPCT.

Vice-Chair: Carolyn Carter

February 21, 2010

From: Carolyn Carter, Vice Co-Chair of Connecticut TVP

Re: Motivational  & personal statements

It is my desire to be a part of our efforts to eliminate the present political and legal system.  By being an officer within our local chapter of our TVP party, I can be involved with and help those who are up front and center with the progression of the party’s growth and forward movement.  It is also my desire to enhance my learning curve as I work closely with my colleagues to successfully bring and implement the TVP Party’s methods to the masses.

  I am proud to be a part of such a progressive organization. 

Taking and rearranging the words of an anonymous person’s statement…”If we all remember to release limitations from our DNA and replace them with thoughts of incredible prosperity and abundance that flows easily and naturally…we can store this morphic belief  in our upper right mind to draw upon at any time for our highest good.  Because…each time we use it, it becomes exponentially stronger and more powerful.

I am grateful the TVP party. 


Treasurer: Lucinda D. Beaty
Letter of intent to be treasurer for the Twelve Vision Party of CT
As Treasurer I will be responsible for all the funds that come in and out the organization. I will be responsible for opening a cheching account on behalf of the TVP.

I believe I am good for this role because I have been a succesful business owner for over 30 years also a home owner, not only that I believe I have done a great job in keeping my business, home and self financially stble.
Lucinda D. Beaty
Secretary: John Batchelder

Why I do what I do for the Twelve Visions Party

  It has become more and more clear to me that people as a whole are not very happy. Why? Many reasons for sure. As for myself I now realize that it has been handed down over the generations through lack of knowledge and self responsibility. After reading the Prime Literature from Mark Hamilton several times I have come to realize that my current level of happiness is directly related to my effort or lack of effort. It truly is my choice and I now except full responsibility for everything I do or do not do. With that being said and applied my outlook on life has changed, most definitely for the better. Through my new friendships in the Neo-Think Society I have found a renewed energy level not experienced since perhaps childhood. Truly a group of honest, like minded individuals that enjoy sharing life experiences for all members to integrate. No illusions. To me the TVP is the vehicle that will deliver the opportunity of increased happiness and well being. I really like that thought. I want it. So much in fact that I am involved with the National TVP weekly tele-seminar and secretary for the TVP-CT. I have always enjoyed helping others. The difference is that instead of giving hand outs to people that don’t accept responsibility for their actions, I will offer a hand up to the benefits of accepting responsibility for actions and situations. Everyone makes mistakes; the difference is learning and growing from them. The maturity that is gained from that growth has driven me to a brand new level and I’m excited to be able to see the possibilities that the 12 visions will make available. I have set a goal to help bring about the changes that are necessary that will allow all people to live happily, honestly and safely.

  John Batchelder

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