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Chair: Rusty Sweet

Twelve Visions Party National Committee and Mark Hamilton,

 Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts and aspirations on my behalf of the Twelve Visions Party.

 One question comes to mind. “What do I want to see with the Twelve Visions Party?”

 Five years ago I was unhappily married and doing work that I very much knew did not bring me happiness. I was also aware that my younger brother had become a sovereign citizen. I frequently wanted to ask him questions that pertained to government, banking, judicial and religion. I even considered purchasing a Black’s Law Dictionary. There is so much yet to learn is this area.

 Since joining the Neo-Think Society three years ago I know that I have grown mentally, physically and academically. I want to be active in an organization that will make a life changing impact to better the World that we live upon. I truly understand that we are able to out compete the Anti-Civilization, and this brings me a great deal of joy.

 My favorite Visions are number one, Become the Person You Were Meant To Be and number seven, Embrace the Lover of Your Fantasies. Taking a week to learn as much as I could about James J. Hill was a true inspiration. Having a desire to seek a fantastic relationship with a wonderful woman would bring me absolute happiness. Thank you so much for showing your Visions, Mark Hamilton.

 My previous intentions were to run for Mayor of Sioux City, Iowa. After much thought I have reconsidered and decided that I would best run for Governor of Iowa. My motivations are high and my intentions are of the utmost true. I desire to help out the Twelve Visions Party National Committee in any way I can to swiftly bring the results that we all seek.

 Thank you for your consideration. I love the work you do and looking forward to hearing back soon.

 Russell J. Sweet

Vice-Chair: Deborah Hemenway

Next to being a Mother, I can’t think of anything more important than taking part in bringing the Twelve Visions Party® to fruition in my home state of Iowa.

To me, the Twelve Visions Party ® is the ONLY political party with the REAL answers to ALL levels of government whether they be local, county, state or federal.

My intent is to help bring the Twelve Visions Party® to Iowa and then also to help spread the word nationally and even worldwide.

 In Love and for Wealth, Health, & Peace for ALL,

 Deborah Hemenway-TVPIA Vice-Chairperson

Treasurer: Lewis Lentz

I can see the Twelve Visions Party as a reality in my mind. The idea was tossed to me ever so gently by Mark Hamilton in 2006, and it grew slowly until I meet Deborah Hemenway a month ago, who helped me snap together the missing pieces enough that I can see the whole picture with clarity now.

 I know that Iowa is a key state in presidential politics having lived here now for fifty years.

I have had many experiences in my life that have led me to this point, but none more powerful than feeling the power of my own mind. Mark Hamilton said that at some point you just figure it all out and I think that I am getting closer each day.

 We are a proud and  sometimes stubborn people here in this land between two rivers, this beautiful land the native Americans called IOWA.

I want to LIVE here forever and have Health, Wealth and Prosperity for all including the poor.

See you soon in the C of U.
Secretary: Wayne Zumwalt
Motivational Statement

Because my ancestors engaged in the Revolutionary war and every war hence forth, to support the Constitution of the United States.

I am appalled that self serving politicians have warped it's definition

My intention is to help in the process of instilling the  Prime Law as an amendment to the Constitution!
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